Rejected to Accepted Film
Rejected to Accepted Film
Real-Life Strategies

This film shows that your children's voices have been robbed, why everything you do is wrong, and why you have more control than you think...and how to use that power to start reconnecting.

Ryan Thomas


Ryan Thomas is a child of parental alienation who reunited after decades apart. He is a trusted advisor in over 25 countries, guiding parents and adding value to therapists, counselors, attorneys, judicial systems, experts and more. 

Ryan is the founder of the Reconnect Center, a worldwide hub to save parent-child relationships, author of Sabotaged: 3 Hidden Weapons of Parental Alienation, creator of RyanThomasTV Network, producer of Rejected to Accepted, and creator of the Reconnect Academy and other online courses. Throughout his career he and his work has been featured in US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, MSNBC, FOX & More.